Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, Bournemouth University on Smart Cities and Smart Tourism

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"Professor Dimitrios Buhalis on Smart Cities and Smart Tourism
Bournemouth University Department of Tourism and Hospitality

Smart Cities take advantage of sensors and beacons to collect and broadcast big data in order to create value for all stakeholders. Smartness takes advantage of interconnectivity and interoperability of integrated technologies to reengineer processes and data in order to produce innovative services, products and procedures towards maximising value for all stakeholders. This reengineering enables shaping products, actions, processes and services in real-time, by engaging different stakeholders simultaneously to optimise the collective performance and competitiveness and generate agile solutions and value for all involved in the value system.

Smartness is the glue of interoperable, interconnected and mutually beneficial systems and stakeholders and provides the infostructure for the value creation for all.

Smart Tourism Destinations successfully implement smartness at destination to enhance tourism value. Smartness is fostered by open innovation, supported by investments in human and social capital, and sustained by participatory governance, in order to develop the collective competitiveness of tourism destinations to enhance social, economic and environmental prosperity for all stakeholders and generate value for visitors. Interoperability and ubiquitous computing ensure that everybody is interconnected and processes are integrated towards generating value, through dynamic co-creation, sustainable resources and dynamic personalisation and adaptation to context. All suppliers and intermediaries, the public sector, as well as consumers and various interested parties are networked, dynamically co-producing value for everybody interconnected in the ecosystem."


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