Run or Dye Bournemouth - #PituitaryPromise

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I decided to make Run or Dye my first official challenge for my #PituitaryPromise campaign - it's basically a 5K where dye is thrown at you as you run...sounds fun eh? I wanted to do it for the whole process of signing up, registering, getting a race number etc, and it was really brilliant fun. Thank you to Rosie for running it with me!

I'm going through the craziest 10 months of my life, and I'd love for you to come along with me. I will be training for the London Marathon in April 2016, and through a variety of fundraising and different events, I would love to raise money for The Pituitary Foundation to help make a difference for those with rare pituitary disorders like my Dad.

Thank you for watching this vlog :)

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